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Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

With the changes in the economy and the mortgages rates people are finding it easier to stay living in their homes and renovate instead of selling and buying another house.  Edmonton bathroom renovations is a great place to start!

Over the years I have done hundreds of bathroom renovations and the one thing I can tell you happens every time is we run into complications.  This is because as houses age we find a lot of shifting from area to area.  And the older the house the more unlevel the floor has become.  Installing a new bathtub on an uneven floor is never a good thing.  But I have seen this done by amateurs many times.


One of the largest areas of change that we notice is seniors are now wanting to stay in their homes much longer than before.  This means converting a bathtub to a walk in shower, and in some cases adding stair lifts, ramps, grab bars, and increasing the height of the toilet seat.

A great place to learn more about stair lifts is here.

Once you have picked out a stair lift you can buy it cheaper than anywhere else by going to Amazon.  Then give the guys at http://kryocon.com a call to help you install the lift.